Python Software Foundation, what is it?

21 May 2020

PSF, what is it?

Did you ever ask yourself about who is taking care of our beloved Python?? Ok, The Community!!! Yes, Python is an open source language!! But who manages and helps propagate the language, helps support events all over the world, the documentation, and the releases? How does everything stay so organized?

This is the Python Software Foundation’s function. The PSF is a nonprofit foundation, and their mission is:

“The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.”

For this, the PSF has a Board of Directors. Remember when I said that it’s the Community who protects Python? This doesn’t only mean contribute code, but being a PSF member too.


EXACTLY!!! We can be PSF members. As to the Board of Director, they are members elected to these positions. But who votes for them? The PSF members that we are able to vote. If you have are members able to vote, that means we have member classes, right? RIGHT!! Let’s understand a little more about these 5 member classes, namely Basic Members, Supporting Members, Managing Members, Contributing Members, Fellows :

Basic Members: These are people who are part of the Python community, agree with the Conduct Code and state this publicly when signing up as a member. And it’s a way to show your support to the PSF’s mission.

Supporting Members: These are people who support the PSF financially through annual donations

Managing Members: These are members who dedicate at least 5 hours per month, working in PSF working groups, including working groups like Infrastructure, Marketing, Code of Conduct, etc. The complete list can be found here

Contributing Members: These are people who help to expand the PSF’s mission through the World, who dedicate at least 5 hours per month working at projects that advance the mission and with characteristics like: diversity, disponibility , etce. This work can be in organizing communities, meetings, as well as contributing to important Python software projects.

Fellows: These are members nominated for their exceptional work and efforts for Python Community/Language, people who are nominated by the community because of their efforts and are elected by the Fellows work group as Fellows.

Now that we know the member classes, those who can vote for PSF Board Directors are: Supporting Members Managing Members Contributing Members Fellows

Nice, now that we know all of this,we are able to talk about how important it is to be part of it


To become a basic member:

1)You’ll go to
2)Click on Become a Member
3)Sign up


4)Verify your email
5)Go to Become a Member
6)Fill in your details and accept the Conduct Code


YEAH!!! Now you are a PSF member!! Congratulations

Remember that you always can edit your member information, justy sign in and click on Edit your PSF membership

So why it’s important to be part of all this??

We love Python as it is today, and the majority of us agree that we came for the language, but what made us stay was the Python Community, which is unlike any other programming community, this isn’t only the perception of people in the Python Community, but also for people that belong to other communities as well. The biggest difference in Python today is the community.

Being a PSF member is helping these ideas continue, expand and grow. It is supporting efforts to maintain the PSF we have today and what we want it to be.